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That's Entertainment!

"Entertainment is the
fastest route
to English fluency."

The British Council

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The power of Entertainment
keeps you motivated to learn!


Backed by Science

95% Comprehension

Linguistic scientists have proven that learning the most-used 3,000 word families will enable 95% comprehension of spoken and written English.

With this new scientific discovery, you can now achieve English fluency in a measurable and enjoyable way.

Core 3,000 Words

Learning 3,000 of the most-used word families enable 95% comprehension of spoken and written English, validated by decades of linguistic science research.

  • consist
  • wonder
  • sort
  • mend
  • scheme
  • urge
  • grace
  • impose
  • constrain
  • appease

And many more…

Master English across a variety of categories

  • Phrases
    Phrases & phrasal verbs regarded by linguist scientists as being the most important to master.
    • up in the air
    • in the wake of
    • down the road
    • so on and so forth
    • up for grabs
    And more...
  • Slang
    Slang terms don’t often appear in textbooks, yet are essential for communicating with native English speakers.
    • fall guy
    • thin skinned
    • rub it in
    • zoned out
    • wing it
    And more...
  • Relationships
    Relationship terms and expressions are important when flirting, dating and falling in love.
    • be smitten
    • eye candy
    • tie the knot
    • snack
    • shoot your shot
    And more...
  • Idioms
    Idioms represent unique cultural and historical context that can make your English more colorful and come alive.
    • bad apple
    • shake a leg
    • icing on the cake
    • fish out of water
    • smell fishy
    And more...

Spaced Repetition ensures
efficient mastery of English

GLOBIFY's algorithms
ensure vocabulary mastery

Spaced repetition optimizes your study time by ensuring your GLOBIFY Video Flashcards show up at the perfect moment. GLOBIFY automates this powerful technique to ensure you retain your knowledge forever.

Entertainment x Scientific Approach

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We at GLOBIFY understand how difficult it is to learn a foreign language.

Kenneth Young
Founder & CEO


Born to an American father and Japanese mother.

1991 University of Virginia, B.A. History
U.S. Department of State, Diplomat
1997~ Agos Japan Inc., Co-Founder & Strategy Advisor
2011~ Globify Inc., Founder & CEO

For the first time in linguistic history, using the power of entertainment, Globify has developed a revolutionary, more effective and enjoyable way to learn.

GLOBIFY founder, Kenneth Young, didn’t learn his Japanese in school or at home. Instead, he learned it naturally and effortlessly, simply by watching Japanese TV shows, which replicated real-life situations in Japan.

He recounts:

"There was no work involved. I learned because I simply liked watching fun television shows."

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Going forward, GLOBIFY will transform English language learning. By adopting a collaborative platform approach where students and teachers around the world can share the best entertainment content available for English learning, GLOBIFY will enable a constantly improving language learning ecosystem.

By leveraging the strengths of fun content, short TikTok-like videos, AI algorithms, and this collaborative ecosystem, GLOBIFY will transform the way people learn English, forever.

This revolutionary community approach taps into the profound insight Kenneth gained from the renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."


Company Profile

Address Moto Azabu 1-2-13, 4F, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 106-0046
Capitalization Approx. US$730,000
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