基礎英単語 3000

3220 words · 154 units

基礎となる3,000の単語を学べば、話し言葉と書き言葉の95%を理解できることが言語 学者によって証明されています。

know make want think give good have get time now year hello goodbye OK yes no day do use man woman only many see yesterday teach visit swim work television radio show hotel hungry happy try speak lunch nice chocolate family mother father sister morning keep write let right talk read photo phone eat drink airport bedroom world window fat bath juice all apple bed break close hear internet mountain warm word movie child boy sad slow fast bad hot sorry brown white what where tomorrow different classroom email meat picture farm long short tall girl ice book butter art before card green one two sing look run computer box taxi bike ear eye nose people flower star sun car bus tooth hospital new old decide laugh meet tennis uncle aunt again bathroom front guitar hat hour newspaper park put snow party today wife husband enjoy learn start thank pool restaurant air son daughter tea coffee video fruit banana orange dinner tree age best bird stay museum office Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday first delicious rain person clock desk chair hair telephone sure


538 words · 29 units


sign off be in for hang in there up in the air follow through on time make good on something come back turn over deal with be over one's head turn around get to the point have a say used to in some fashion take off hold on to beg the question according to bring down break up hang out fill in come to mind in fact at all as well look for come on put on pick up take care of get on give up go after carry out turn in someone or something live with go back get out come in get up go up bring back reach out pull back call out take in in the wake of after the fact step back make sense take steps in order set about be open to ideas all out look back down the road pick out turn on someone or something grow up give someone a break of course deal with make sure find out first of all according to by the way take place take the place of as to used to wind up give up on and off in control take off take part in something or someone as fair game come on in the big picture come back level playing field call something into question get back look up go down wake up go in call out move back sit back bring down give back get on go after upfront about something take off fill in turn on something live with buy into as usual turn off bring back take in write down go out come back go back bring down get out sit down come in get up pick up stand up get off put on go up reach out turn over carry on pull back turn off fill out move up make sense of hit home put in play out set down better off in the works in fact as well as follow through get a handle on walk out look for as to sign off put in come across be up to something more or less get around have a clue all of a sudden take for granted keep up go through touch on a topic or issue be in touch with get something across be in place turn out follow up account for on the other hand as long as work out be up to someone or something


376 words · 20 units


kill two birds with one stone curiosity killed the cat go down in flames step up one's game cry over spilled milk take a rain check on the same page hit rock bottom hit the books save for a rainy day not one’s cup of tea calm before the storm move up in the world be like oil and water it's raining cats and dogs bad apple apples and oranges time flies when you're having fun butterflies in one's stomach can't judge a book by its cover the early bird gets the worm in the same boat for the record lose one's touch in one's hands the likes of out of one's hands under the sun in hot water get out of hand get something straight icing on the cake keep your chin up keep your ears open once in a blue moon devil's advocate set in stone in full swing be a happy camper every cloud has a silver lining packed like sardines the big picture cut someone some slack get in someone's way get it through your head second wind think outside the box through thick and thin wake up on the wrong side of the bed beg the question the pot calling the kettle black the gloves are off wrap one's head around something flavor of the month run like the wind get one's act together fish out of water on thin ice break a leg rain or shine a long shot boil down to free as a bird come to mind with a bang let it go take it easy leap of faith smart cookie poker face have a sweet tooth black sheep of the family miss the point from rags to riches bridge the gap give someone a break loose ends on the right track plain as day spice something up stepping stone think twice be swamped leave a mark to say the least tough call put words in or into someone's mouth take the words out of someone's mouth at the end of the day big deal by the book strapped for cash take someone to the cleaners have time on one's hands come hell or high water put your money where your mouth is go in one ear and out the other do not bat an eye someone's true colors that's another story give it a whirl pat on the back smells fishy two peas in a pod up in the air stab someone in the back cut to the chase give the green light have bigger fish to fry cut corners on the fence clean slate man of his word every last state of the art get cracking scare the pants off someone cool as a cucumber down the line feast or famine get a handle on Midas touch a method in one’s madness throw up one’s hands throw one's hat in or into the ring tipping point drop one's jaw stick to one's guns wave of the future weather the storm close the deal let the cat out of the bag leave a bad taste in your mouth bend over backwards straight from the horse's mouth best thing since sliced bread pick someone's brain twist someone's arm up to one's eyeballs hit the ground running hit the nail on the head ahead of the curve get a taste of your own medicine food for thought chip off the old block water under the bridge bread and butter go cold turkey spill the beans sparks fly talk in circles a piece of cake talk someone's ear off test the waters I'll cross that bridge when I get to it give someone the cold shoulder have your head in the clouds steal someone's thunder look like a million bucks in the nick of time in the pipeline butter someone up like pulling teeth off the top of one’s head once the dust settles out for blood rub salt into the wound take something by storm teach someone the ropes the other side of the coin pull the trigger


893 words · 46 units


bro chill no biggie hustle wicked baggage get a life! totally! crappy kudos artsy fartsy whatever! word! you know adorbs badass nerdy dope what’s up? legit sick foodie I'm in literally yes way! mad loser OMG gold mine wait up! down sweet right on foxy heartthrob hoodie ballistic bitchy vibe roomie yikes wheels go to hell hotshot shoot! you bet peeps rule hardcore bonkers catch you later bomb booze bummer no problem ground stoked hang no way whirl snap stunner nuff said sucker totes I get it chit-chat mental though smashing solid goner gimmick same here homie keeper killer goof psycho roger! duh! I mean in no time lovey-dovey 24 shot cheapskate apeshit crib piss dirt preggers hunk zit kicker bananas dough wrap up freebie chuck flip bummed come on fresh hella bash chump damage ditch hack hustler plastic magnet ridiculous cheesy wassup? brutal hang out waltz bullshit way zoom dorky has-been intense sweetie ace all that as if guinea pig jet chow cram wimp airhead dead delish ASAP dogshit hubby fed fine gazillion goof around hottie ink jack scram shit teensy ex dump someone ammo babe chick coin cop nice paws zilch bail flake beat bomb no sweat jammies grand sharp flop chicken no way, Jose busted def ropes lame mate weirdo cold hot smoke


367 words · 20 units


anniversary boyfriend bride clever compromise couple cute engaged fun funny girlfriend gorgeous groom handsome gay hug husband invite kiss marriage partner pretty propose relationship romantic single smart wedding wife baby sexy charming romance attractive cutie Valentine's Day fiance fiancee caring chick married lover pair separated divorced sweetheart thoughtful fall in love be in love ex darling sweetie find the right girl or guy other half make it official the one matrimony move in together live-in lovebirds give someone or something a second chance celebrate an anniversary give someone a peck on the cheek talk it over blondie brunette redhead courtship arranged marriage ups and downs spend the night ask for someone's hand in marriage good together become a part of the family grab a bite to eat grab a drink an item talk it out someone's one and only love of someone's life build up courage in shape call it quits match made in heaven get serious drive someone crazy walk out on someone set someone up wedlock partner up boyfriend material girlfriend material end of story daddy husband material beau try for a baby peach emoji blinded by love get a dog swiping tindering smoking abuse good-looking date someone say "I do" in a relationship break someone's heart ask someone out like someone miss someone be interested in someone go for a coffee go for a drink see someone true love breakup have a fight virgin proposal engagement get engaged hang out hold hands be attracted to someone straight wed ask someone to marry special someone make love double date be affectionate go out with long-distance relationship first love commitment get to know someone stalker have a lot in common get divorced considerate the right person turn someone down get back together stud get together make up wink at someone meet through a friend strike up a conversation made for each other Mr. Right Ms. Right online dating have a boyfriend or girlfriend cuddle court pop the question have a crush lovey-dovey be smitten puppy love have a thing for someone PDA (public display of affection) hit it off have a fling eye candy It's complicated. lead someone on soulmate wingman drift apart tease on cloud nine wear the pants in the relationship


658 words · 34 units
business interview market meeting bank date internet website work group team computer office plan print system network research data staff service memo bonus report skill cost partner information technology boss schedule web sale order business model customer service presentation cash policy social media access advice activity million close future interest job send CEO (Chief Executive Officer) mobile screen loan global fax total direct version risk digital trend marketing leadership department raise structure compare chart target improve successful connection big data economic standard personal director salary document supply update telecommunication important further train average ability major conference B2B (business-to-business) B2C (business-to-consumer) seller bill challenge economic activity sample office hours finance knowledge corporation agree buyer relationship discuss develop material instruction manage organize lawyer detail discussion advise chief organization PR (Public Relations) experience progress review rate unit expect benefit position daily offer reduce industry achieve key contact development technical plus independent increase billion decision earn equipment identify increase by role volume maintain crash inform firm format budget lease interactive maintenance clearance commercial require personal assistant management worldwide consumer payment performance import loss agreement promote production retire public company involve export innovation executive scenario


1403 words · 50 units
special meeting seat well mean place bank company office price ready receive reach save pretty case case practice please boss excellent prepare serious area service probably experience form product continue include period subject mention private private activity cost manage discuss secretary further guess instead role detail express force aware introduce prefer theater deliver perform strength term title waste grand daily damage engineer intelligent sympathy personal brilliant chain electricity professor buyer purpose realize serve suffer trade exact admire freeze lawyer cheer habit planet repair brave crash native poison polite precious polish environment environment attitude risk original advantage growth huge independent independent treat affair ignore intention justice sum technique credit faith odd inner inner insist mental muscle phrase religion revolution split tough negative negative tradition victim military tone obvious operation conscious conscious fortune invent pale pretend climate dawn jail pity pity stiff swear tune twist bet fancy greet pill rival talent translate rude smart academic ashamed discovery physics unknown global horrible liberty lung earthquake necessity wallet strict examine promote aspect commission conclusion crisis critical internal overall paragraph preparation species elderly enterprise focus emerge anniversary innocent assure commerce corporate decade substance agriculture curious